Men Don’t Belong in a Beauty Salon or a 5-minute Quick-Clip


Men Belong in a Real Barber Shop


Do you remember the old-time barbershop your dad took you to when you were a kid?  By now most of them have vanished.

Many barbershops disappeared in the 80′s and 90′s, replaced by salons that continued to cater mainly to women.  The pendulum has swung back and barber shops are making a comeback.

When it comes to getting a haircut today, there are few options.  You can try the franchise cutters where it seems like most of the cutters are still in training, or maybe your wife will set you up with her hair stylist where you will enjoy the smell of nasty chemicals, while listening in on the latest salon gossip.

We think you deserve better:  a classic barber shop just like the one your dad took you to as a kid — a place where fathers will feel comfortable bringing their sons.

Perhaps it’s the combination of the scent of hair tonics, plus the all-man atmosphere. But more so, it’s the tradition of barbershops as a place of continuity–they don’t change with the shifts in culture.  The shops and barbers look the same as they did when your dad got his hair cut.

It’s a straightforward experience with none of the feminization of salons.  There are no waxings, facials, highlights or unpleasant smells of a perm.  ‘Just great haircuts, shaves and great conversation!”

When you walk out of Deseret Barber Shop with a stylish haircut,  you can’t help but feel a bit of manly swagger creep back into your step. 

So the next time you’re on Social Hall Ave and spot our familiar red, white and blue striped pole — please stop in. 

You will be glad you did.


Salt Lake Barber


Traditional Men’s Haircuts


Neck Shaves w/each haircut


Neck & Shoulder Massages


Hot Towel Face Shaves


Full Beard Trims w/razor


Languages Spoken

English / Portuguese / Spanish





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Men's Haircut

Full Service
  • Precision Men’s Haircut
  • Hot Lather Shave Around Neck & Ears
  • Neck and Shoulder Massage
  • 30 minute Service  Never A Rush
  • Online Scheduling

Light Beard Trim

  • Trimmer Edging
  • Beard Shaping
  • 15-Minute Service
  • Online Scheduling

Classic Face Shave

Hot Towells, Lather & Oils
  • Pre-Shave Oils
  • Facial Massage
  • Hot Soothing Lather
  • Steaming Hot Towels
  • Straight Razor Shave
  • Skin Moisturizers
  • Shoulder Massage

Full Beard Trim

  • Edging & Shaping

  • Hot Lather
  • Razor Line-up
  • 30-Minute Service

Youth Haircut

16 and Under
  • Precision Youth Haircut

  • Never A Rush
  • Neck and Shoulder Massage
  • 30 minute Service
  • Online Scheduling

Here is what our customers are saying…

A great feel and an even greater cut. Rich was kind and I came away with an assurance that this guy know men’s hair. I almost don’t want to give it good reviews because a good barber with a better price is a secret not to be given away lightly. But they deserve it.

Andrew Wade

Rich does a great job. He doesn’t rush the haircut and will take the time to get it right, while asking you if you want it shorter/different at each phase of the cut. A true gentleman’s barber.

Robert Sung

I have never had a barber work harder to get me looking my best.  Rich is very professional and extremely friendly.  I always get great service and I always feel so welcome at the shop.  I would never consider going anywhere else!

Jim McGowan

While visiting City Creek Center, we asked the Information desk for a recommendation for quick hair cut place for my husband. We were referred to Deseret Barber Shop and told to ask for Rich.  Even though it was 1/2hr before closing time, Rich invited us in. Rich was very professional and friendly.My husband loved his neck shave and shoulder massage!  We never felt rushed, even though it was past closing time.  Going to recommend our friends from Park City to come here!   

Monica D.

Great place!  I have been to several of the other barbers downtown and have left very unhappy. I went to Deseret Barber Shop and could not be happier with the entire experience. My barber Rich was very friendly and he listened closely to what I wanted. I would recommend Rich to any man who wants a great professional haircut.  I will absolutely be a regular at this place.

Robbie T.

Rich was fabulous. I had a great experience–I felt like I was at a traditional barbershop that you don’t see much anymore these days. The price I paid was very comparable to what I would have paid at a chain store, and extremely reasonable considering the level of service I got. I felt like Rich genuinely enjoys cutting hair and that shows in the quality of his work.

John Pilkinton

I grew up in California so I have seen a lot of expensive barbers who don’t deliver.  As of right now there are only two people who I will let cut my hair.  One is my sister in California who is a cosmetologist, and the other is Rich at Deseret Barber Shop.  Both work exceptionally hard and pay close attention to detail.


Rich was a great guy who gave a great cut! Very professional in the bow tie! Great touch. Old school barbers are the best! I like that I can schedule an appointment online the night before and go on my lunch. Got a little message afterwards as well. Price was decent too. I will be back.

Robert C.

For a guy who’s used to paying rock bottom for a haircut, the proposition of a sixteen dollar haircut was daunting. However, I must say that Rich is personable and meticulous. He spent a solid forty-five minutes on me, and I walked out of there with a haircut which, for the first time in my life, I was actually proud of.

Bob Kaufmann







When Are You Open?

We are open Monday through Friday.

The shop opens at 9:00am and we are open until at least 5:00pm


(see Online Scheduling for current details)


Why Do You Spend 30 Minutes On A Haircut?

Many salons and shops run people through in 10 to 15 minutes.

This doesn’t fit with my philosophy of giving each client my very best effort!

30 Minutes allows attention to detail and full services such as hot-lather shave around neck and ears as well as the neck & shoulder massage.

I want you to look great and feel great when you leave!

What Is Your Famous Hot-lather Neck Shave?

The old-style traditional barbers used to finish a haircut with hot lather around the neck and ears.

Then using a straight-razor the side burns, around ears and the neckline are cleaned up so you look crisp and clean.

It not only FEELS great….but you will LOOK great as well.

Do You Still Offer A Neck & Shoulder Massage?

The neck and shoulder massage comes right after the hot-lather neck shave.   It is a great way to finish a great haircut experience.

Is Parking Available?

For customers of Deseret Barber Shop we have Free Parking at Harmons right across the street.

There is also Street Parking as well as a Parking Garage next to the shop.

Use Technology To Make Appointments

No more 'phone tag' or trying to 'walk-in' without appointment


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How Many Barber YEARS Has It Been?

Small Snippets of Barber History


As early as 6,000 years ago, barbering services were performed by EGYPTIAN NOBILITY using crude instruments from sharpened flint or oyster shells.

Barbers of the middle ages practiced shaving, hair-cutting, dressed wounds and performed surgical operations. They were called BARBER-SURGEONS.

George Washington was BLED TO DEATH by his physician in 1799. He suffered from a prolonged windpipe infection. He died calmly counting his pulse at the age of 67.

It was not until 1893 when A.B. Moler opened the FIRST BARBER SCHOOL in Chicago. He also published BARBER TEXTBOOKS at that time.

Your Search For A Traditional Barber Is Over

Real men can tell the difference between a beauty salon or a 5-minute quick-clip when compared to a real traditional barber shop.  It is hard to find a real barber who is trained, licensed and experienced in performing all classic barber services such as the classical hot-towel straight-razor face shave.    Now your search for a traditional barber is over.

The great Ohio State football Coach Woody Hayes once said, “You might out coach me—but you will never out work me!”  That is the attitude that I have as a barber.  I will never approach a haircut or shave where I don’t work as hard as I can to make your experience the best possible.  On any given day someone might out cut me—but they will never out work me!

Cutting hair is one thing.  Creating a complete haircut experience is something else.  That is one reason that I cut on a 30 minute cycle—I want to have the time to make it a great barber shop experience for each client.  I want you to be able to say when you leave the shop that you both LOOK GREAT and FEEL GREAT!

  • Attention to Detail 98.7%
  • Only An Average Haircut 10.7%
  • We care how you look 100.00%

How Much Effort Goes Into Every Single Service?










I would like to Invite You to come and see me.


“You will Look Great and Feel Great when you

   leave — or your haircut is on me!”

                                                     ….Rich Kletting